Frequently Asked Questions

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Country of Origin

Classic Electric Switch Co. proudly manufacture completely Australian Made Products


Classic Electric Switch Co. use only quality Australian Made parts in the manufacture of our switches and accessories with some parts sourced overseas.

Care & Maintenance

Do not use Chemical or Abrasive cleaners on the brass surfaces. The lacquered surface should be wiped with a soft cloth and we recommend the occasional application of a pure non-abrasive polish such as Mr Sheen.

Repolishing & Relacquering

Classic Electric Switch Co are happy to repolish and relacquer any covers for a small fee or use the following D.I.Y. method of re-finishing 1. Remove covers from switches, they are legal and safe with the covers removed it is not necessary to turn the power off. 2. Remove old laquer with thinners or acetone applied with a soft cloth. 3. Repolish with brass/metal polish 4. Apply a clear metal lacquer which is available in spray packs.


The solid brass covers are polished and coated with a clear lacquer.

Antique Brass (AB)

The solid brass covers have been chemically darkened and then relieved so the brass shows through as brass highlights and coated with a clear lacquer.

Florentine Bronze (FB)

The solid copper covers have been chemically darkened and then relieved so the copper shows through as copper highlights and coated with a clear lacquer.

Non Relieved Bronze (FB)

The solid copper covers have been chemically darkened to a rich brown colour – there are no copper highlights.

Chrome (CH)

The solid brass covers have been chrome plated.

Satin Chrome (SAT)

The solid brass covers have been chrome plated with a satin finish.

2 Way Switches

2 WAY SWITCH = 1 Switch to 1 Light OR 2 Switches to 1 Light.

Intermediate Switches

INTERMEDIATE = 3 switches to 1 light. Intermediate switches are used when 3 switches are required to control 1 light. To do this you need 2×2 WAY switch and 1x INTERMEDIATE switch.

Dimmer & Fan Controls

Our ranges incorporate the Universal & LED Dimmer mechanism. The Universal Dimmer can be used as a variable Fan Control but it does require a  separate switch to turn the mechanism on and off. We recommend the 3 speed fan control  which has an in built on/off switch, it also comes with a capacitor unit which eliminates fan motor hum commonly experienced when using a variable control.    (PDF Information Download at bottom of this page)

Electrical Approvals

All Classic Electric Switch Co. products carry Electricty Trust of South Australia certificates of approval.

Mounting Blocks

Pine mounting blocks are made from plantation timber.Cedar mounting blocks are now made from veneered MDF.The Classic Range now comes standard with pre-drilled mounting holes and mounting hardware to fix to standard wall boxes and plates. These blocks can also be supplied without any pre-drilled holes if required.

Colour Brochure

Is available to download from this website or you can contact us to have a brochure posted to you.

Replacement Parts

We carry a range of replacement parts for many of our products, please feel free to contact us regarding further information on your requirements.

Reseller Application

If you would like to set up a new account with Classic Electric Switch Co. please email us details of your business and we can forward a Credit Application once approved.

60 Series Deco Mounting

The Deco series switches and power outlets have the USA mounting centres and not the Australian standard. We have made available ‘Wall Boxes’ , ‘Plasterboard Brackets’and ‘Mounting Blocks’ 25mm thick in a Undercoat grey, to assist in mounting this range.

Dimmer and Fan Controller Information

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